Pottery to bring peace

Intentional handmade objects for your daily rituals & grounding moments

Tactile pieces to aid you in finding calm & gratitude for the day-to-day

  • slow made objects

  • for your daily rituals

The Piccolo Set

The perfect tiny set for your morning espressos and macchiatos. Picture yourself sitting outside a café in Italy, sipping your coffee and people watching ❂

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la dolce far niente

- the sweetness of doing nothing

ceramics dedicated to helping you to find stillness and carve out calm moments for yourself every day.

walk me through it
  • Truly one of my favourite possessions... it lives on the studio desk, alongside a jug of water, and every sip brings me back to the idea of 'care' – it is all at once both grounding and elevating. A ritual in the everyday.



    on her Ritual Cup

  • Some objects manage to find their way into a sentimental space in your heart and this is one of them, admiring this and using it honestly brings me serenity and satisfaction in a soothing peaceful way, never really thought I could feel this deeply about a cup!



    on her Ritual Cup

  • The thought that has gone into each piece is so evident — the comfortable shape, the beautiful organic textured glaze, the balanced weight. The ideal vessel for those everyday moments of calm and ritual.



    on her Corto Mug

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