Argilo x Olivia Lucy | Spring Stillness

Argilo x Olivia Lucy | Spring Stillness

During the solitude we are all experiencing in this pandemic, this project is a means to reflect on our collective experience and our individual processes at this time. To encourage connection and creativity in this moment of stillness.

Liv (IG: @olivialucy.craft) is a printmaker and book designer currently based in Norfolk, UK. Her practice is mostly influenced by her love of craft and the landscapes she has visited, from the heights of Scotland to the choppy seas of Cornwall. Her work is often created using a small tabletop printing press in her home studio, exploring monotype and tactile embossing processes.

Liv & I have been wanting to collaborate for some time. To us, this period of stillness felt an important time to stay connected and to create. We have crafted a set of hand-printed notecards & a ceramic tumbler, informed by our thoughts in these strange times, and indirectly by the coast’s powerful energy. It is our hope that these objects will bring a feeling of presentness and calm.

The set of notecards are intended for personal use at home, or to be posted on to a friend. We want to encourage purposeful connection at this physically distant time. Two postcards offer quotes that we have found resonant in this moment, and two are inky monotypes from Liv's ‘Into the Water’ series.The tumblers are designed with those moments of daily ritual in mind. That cup of coffee that eases you into the day, the glass of red that eases you out of it. When you hold one, your hand nestles into the tactile grooves of the vessel, and it cradles you back in that moment, grounding you. An affinity and familiarity with everyday objects seems relevant at this time of change and instability.Our journal (Spring Stillness) emerged from an effort to process all that is going on around us during this time of uncertainty. Working on a collaborative set of products, we have documented our creativity and connection during this physically distant moment. A means to reflect on our collective experience and our individual processes. Not striving for structure or a sense of completeness, our intention in this space is to allow our thoughts to be put to paper, as they arrive and pass. With thanks to Elaine at Studio 1850 for her encouragement to reflect on this together.


The sets are now sold out, but Journals are still available here.

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