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Argilo ceramic wares are inspired by the warmth and soul of the Mediterranean, by the earthy vistas and slow ways of living. The vessels are devoted to simplicity and everyday functionality, using a warm and natural palette that echo these places. Each piece is individually crafted on a potter's wheel. They are then fired, glazed, and fired again. All coloured clays and glazes are mixed by hand in the studio.

soul, senses & emotion | slowness, calm & respite | tradition, ritual & heritage | wholeness, connection & community



Hi, I'm Jaye, the maker behind Argilo.

I moved to Cornwall in 2014 to study Illustration at Falmouth. After graduating I felt a bit lost, I didn't feel any drive to work as an Illustrator and didn't know where to direct my creative energy. It wasn't until almost a year later that I had my first go on the wheel, and really understood what it felt to have an affinity with a medium. Working with clay has been restorative for me; the process forces you to slow down and tune in.

Argilo was born from memories of time spent in Europe, a ritual for most summers of my life. Particularly an area of Catalonia on the Costa Brava of Spain, where my grandparents moved to when I was young. The name 'Argilo' derives from the Catalan word for 'clay' (argila). Spending time in the Mediterranean feeds my soul; a place where the senses come alive with joy and warmth. I hope that my ceramics will bring a sense of these places into people's day-to-day life.